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Comfortable bedding for animals

For every loving pet owner, who looks for safe and tested products for their furry friends. You can find in our shop a whole range of unique solutions to let our animals rest and sleep comfortably.

Over 50 different models of comfortable beddings for animals, include simple, highly popular versions along with specialized solutions. These include unique pet beds with anti-allergic foam, which additionally “memorizes” the weight/shape of the pet, providing healthier, simply better rest for your friend.

Each cat and dog bed is designed and carefully crafted according to latest trends and preferences of customers across Europe. As a result, you can choose the exact modern bedding for pets you and your cat or dog will thoroughly enjoy.

Additionally, we create seasonal collections in collaboration with professional designers. Which means, you can get limited edition models, unique in terms of appearance, highlighting your originality.

Remember to check as well special toys (from quality cloth) and other accessories.

Surprise your furry friend with a comfortable bedding for animals filled with foam. Our bestsellers include the most popular choices of beds for dogs and cats.
Does your pet have elevated standards concerning comfort? Then you truly are in the right place! Our premium beddings were designed to satisfy the most demanding animals… and their owners!
Some of our furry friends have special needs. Due to e.g. injuries they need a specialist bed. Memory foam, anti-allergic fillings and other models were designed exactly for their requirements.
It is always the right time to give your pet an amazing, comfortable gift (isn’t it?). Even our standard beds for animals are from excellent materials filled with quality foam.

Constantly striving for perfection

As a company with social awareness and a focus on innovative solutions we are constantly challenging ourselves. We are able to make ecologically friendly products and use recycled materials in pet-beds production whenever possible. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies we have been able to reduce production waste by over 20%

Where we reach

Over 3 million cats and dogs are using our pet-beds. We export our products to over 16 countries in Europe and to Russia. Annually we produce five hundred thousand beds and are systematically increasing the quantity and reach of our operation.

About us

We combine hard work with a passion for pets and are always looking for the best pet care solutions. The company’s mission is to make innovative and unique beds for our four legged friends. Beds which are specifically designed for comfort, safety, and health. Our products are the perfect addition to any apartment or house, no matter the decor.


We are always learning from new experiences to further develop our skill set. We are constantly testing new solutions incooperation with scientists and designers. We never forget about the dogs and cats whose health and happiness are our main focus, not to mention the people who love them. We regularly donate our products to shelters for homeless pets.

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