In our offer we have visco-elastic foam beds, lyocell filled beds, as well as synthetic fiber beds. These fillings provide our four legged friends with comfort and also have a positive impact on their health and fitness.

Viscoelastic foam

Viscoelastic foam is a thermal plastic sponge which conforms to the shape and weight of the body. This gives your best friend the most comfortable softness imaginable to provide the most rejuvenating rest possible. The foam fits their body perfectly, reducing any tension or pressure as well as bringing relief and preventing any joint or back pain.

Lyocel/Tencel filling

Lyocel/Tencel filling is the newest achievement in the field of comfortable sleep. Derived from wood elastic fibers, it is characterized by an outstanding ability to absorb moisture. This completely natural process eliminates odor causing bacteria and allows for the preservation of hygiene to protect you and your pet from illness.

Synthetic filling

Synthetic filling is highly resistant to dust mites and is fully hypoallergenic. It can be washed in a washing machine without losing its properties. Also, pet beds with synthetic fiber don’t get deformed under the pressure of your pet.


Striving to ensure ease of use for pet owners as well, we take great care that our pet beds are easy to maintain and care for. We use fabrics that are resistant to both dirt and mechanical damage. Extremely easy to clean, all our beds are suitable for machine washing. We keep a close eye on market trends to maintain our competitive advantage in the marketplace. We cooperate with educational and scientific institutions to develop innovative technologies and solutions to provide the best for our four legged friends. We do all this to insure that our pet beds are not simply a place to lay for your companion animals, but also a way to improve their health and well-being.